The objective of my Gold Award project was to establish a science and engineering club at my high school, so that young women who are interested in technology-oriented careers can find guidance, support, and encouragement.  A further goal was to set up the club so that it will remain in operation after my graduation, and continue helping young women for years to come.
During high school I participated in “Project Lead the Way” engineering programs.  These are classes designed to introduce high school students to engineering and science careers.  I really enjoyed these classes, and stayed with the program for all 4 years of high school.  However, I have also experienced the downside of what tends to be a male-dominated field.  Frequent jokes, a lack of female-oriented topics, and insufficient peer support have caused all but two of the females in our program to abandon engineering.  My goal in starting the Women in Engineering Club was to provide better support for young women interested in these careers, so that they can stay with the program instead of becoming discouraged.