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Benefits of camp

At Girl Scout Camp girls develop 5 Essential skills:


  • At camp, girls take that next step towards being able to take care of themselves, without their parents.
  • Parent quotes from Camp Ages S. McMillen and Camp Ella J. Logan:
    • “She is more comfortable going to an event where she doesn’t know anyone”
    • “She has shown some independence doing a few things (like getting ready for bed on her own and getting her own cup, plate, silverware for dinner)”
    • “She is better prepared for school all day.  She can relate to others”
    • “Much more confident about doing things on her own.”


  • At camp, girls learn to work together by solving challenges together on the low ropes course as well as working as a group to decide and prepare their meals at cook out.
  • Parent quotes from Camp Agnes S. McMillen and Camp Ella J. Logan ….
    • “She is more willing to listen to others and work as a team more.”
    • “She is willing to help out more at home and seems more patient with her little brother.”

Healthy Living

  • At camp girls are active. They walk everywhere they need to go and also do activities such as swimming, boating, horseback riding, sports, hiking, etc to keep them moving.  Girls also get healthy food choices at camp and are encouraged to make healthy choices when planning their cookout meals.
  • Parent quotes from Camp Agnes S. McMillen and Camp Ella J. Logan ….
    • “More willing to try to do physical activities, even if it’s hard for her.”
    • “My daughter favorite part of camp was the food and getting exercise.”

Environmental Awareness

  • At camp girls live amongst nature. Most of their time is spent outside walking in grass and under trees and being aware of their surroundings. Girls often experience the animals that share this living area with them. Through nature activities and daily living girls learn to appreciate and respect the world around them. At camp girls also get a technology break for the most part.
  • Parent quotes from Camp Agnes S. McMillen and Camp Ella J. Logan ….
    • “I liked that she had no electronics for a week and survived!”
    • “She enjoys the outdoors more.”

Ability to Rise to Challenges

  • At camp, girls have the opportunity to try many things they never have experienced before, from building a camp fire, to working with someone who looks different from her, to scaling the climbing wall. Girls are often unconfident about what they can achieve when starting a new challenge. However, at camp they often learn that, for example, they can climb higher than they initially anticipate.
  • Parent quotes from Camp Agnes S. McMillen and Camp Ella J. Logan ….
    • “It has helped her cope with multiple changes in her family life and to face challenges.” 
    • “It has opened her up to new experiences that she wouldn’t normally try.”
    • “Not as scared to try new experiences, rock climbing and zip line.”

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