Project: Noble House Nursery Room Renovation

Brief Summary of Project:

My issue addressed the need for volunteers in Noble House, the women's shelter in Albion, Noble County. The women's shelter was in serious need for a bright nursery room for their babysitting/nursery school area. Also, many people and groups in the community need reminded to help the needs of Noble House. With this project, I hoped to raise awareness of Noble House with volunteers who can also volunteer there in the future.

What did you learn about yourself as a result of this project?

I learned that I can organize a project as big as this one with advice from others. I can organize my time and resources given to me creatively and effectively. I discovered that for as big a project this was, the hard work by everyone who volunteered as a team was much more rewarding than if I had done a similar project by myself. I also realized my organizational and inspirational skills increased immediately.

What was the most successful aspect of your project?

The most successful aspect of my project was that more people know or are reminded about Noble House and plan on continuing volunteerism there.