Gold Award

The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouts and therefore is a commitment you make and complete as an individual. Below you will find a list of girls in our council who have made the commitment and earned their Gold Award.

Girl Scout


Megan Beers Megan worked with The Hayvn Youth Center to hold a college fair for students, helping kids to determine their career path and what school could help them with their career interests.
Audry Estill Audry wanted to bring awareness to the Native Habitat Waterway in Bluffton. She labeled trees, developed a website, and established permanent signs to mark trail entrances.
Elizabeth Kolodiej Elizabeth built a handicapped accessible playground for families at Reins of Life in Michigan City, a program that works with disabled children and allows them to ride horses.
Rachel Tuller Rachel was concerned about the lack of music and concerts in the area, so she put together several area school groups and held one large concert. She wanted the area school groups who went to performance competitions to be heard by the community at large.
Courtney Winters Courtney held a hands-on learning event at Paige's Crossing to teach young drivers the dangers of distracted driving. Participants visited several exhibits and then drove go-karts around an enclosed obstacle course.
Leslie Yarde The Izaak Walton League needed picnic tables at their facility.  Leslie and her team built picnic tables, including tables that could be used by people in wheelchairs. She also created an Adopt a Table program so tables would be fixed and/or replaced as they came into disrepair.
Kaitlyn Kanis A local park had a major mosquito problem, making the park difficult for the community to enjoy. Kaitlyn and team built bat houses to help control the mosquito population. She also created bulletins about them for the park bulletin boards.
Kayla Brunner Kayle held a Gluten Free Awareness Day.
Robin Butler Robin created a rosary path for her church.
Nicole Lampe Nicole hosted a literacy initiative in her county. Activities included a book drive for kids in HeadStart and grades K-8, and the creation of a bookmark letting kids know how to get a library card.
Kelly Grant As a future art teacher, Kelly wanted the children staying at Charis House to be able to feel proud of an accomplishment, so she created a craft center at that location.
Caitlin Cherry Caitlin wanted students to be more savvy about caring for the environment, so she worked to enhance programming at the Northwest Allen County Nature Learning Center. She made sit-upons for kids to sit on when they got to the Center, took seasonal photographs for the Center, created learning tools for younger students, and organized observation kits for students to use.

Check out our slideshow from the 2013 Gold Award Breakfast!


Silver Award

Going for the Girl Scout Silver Award—the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn—gives you the chance to show that you are a leader who is organized, determined, and dedicated to improving your community. Below you will find a list of girls in our council who have made the commitment and earned their Silver Award.

Girl Scout

Emily Barge
Regina Monhaut
Megan Baker
Natalie Rush
Stephanie Betz
Ethel Taylor
Destiny Bennett
Gabriella Foster
Carina Kolasa
Hollie Parish
Susie Paine
Lexi Ziebarth
Isabel Widdis
Faith Lindemann
Claire Braun
Gabrielle Jauregui
Autumn Shomo
Leah Murray
KayLynn Bercot

Bronze Award

The Girl Scout Bronze Award, a leadership adventure and the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. Girl Scouts develop more confidence, meet new people, and have the kind of fun that happens when they work with other Girl Scouts to make a difference. Below you will find a list of girls in our council who have made the commitment and earned their Bronze Award.

Girl Scout

Molly McDonald
Jordan Barnhart
Sammy Gregg
Emily Smith
Elizabeth Mellor
Kennedy Kanouse
Madeline Donlon
Sophie Eggleson
Elizabeth Tietsort
Brielle Wilkins
Maya Janulis
Olenka Krostenko
Madelyn Eggers
Hannah Peterson
Vicka Pohly
Sarah Goble
Julia Hall
Madlean Koehler
Shyanne Mitchell
Amanda  Abner
Holly Snyder
Allyssa Chapla
Elizabeth Grantham
Rose Grantham
Christina Klefeker
Lauren Jackson
Alexi Holzinger
Olivia Strait
Elise Jones
Jordn Lozano
Emily Thomas
Clara Lietzke
Kylee Miller
Cassie Bohne
Emily Ritzert
Carolyn Frey
Jordan Martin
Emma Havey
Megan Knoke
Tiara Craig
Natilie Ressler
Mercedes Ressler
Tessa Winnett
Naomi Rubrake
Alexis Deiser
Kristen Butler
Elizabeth Schmidt
Ariavne Anderson
Emma Powell
Jordan Archambault
Taylor Smith
Alexia Wheeler
Kristy Bridegam
Skyler Brown
Emma Shireman
Emma Brewer
Julia Falbo
Hannah Rodgers
Melody Marlow
Dakota Finch
Lilyana Joyner
Anna Keller
Mia Cotton
Cheyanne Karst
Megan Karst
Tatihana Black
Peyton Rosen
Miranda  McNeely
Julia Jones
Jenna MacMillian
Abby Rowe
Alyssa Woodcox
Allison Hein
Haley Roberts
Paige Dew
Gina Major
Aubri Smith
Billie Gill
Lauren Landry
Khyia Patterson
Kari Brightbill
Zoe Burkett
Amaiya Jones
Ellia Kantor
Tiana Keeler
Emily Kochs
Ella Ott
Amy  Paine
Gaby Schwartz
Kennedy Myrick
Morgan Smithley
Ella Jeske
Ashley Ortiz
Jacquelyn Butler
Ashton Baumgartner
Amanda Farmer
Erin Farmer
Alexis Moran
Lillie Roczycki
Emma Schmidt
Mia Woods
Hannah Vergon
Leilani Eliason
Shana Rosenbaum
Hannah Donnelly
Jordan Bauer
Nora Kaltenbach
Madison Baxter
Jewelia Brindel
Elizabeth Brooks
Giselle Hart
Erika Hoff
Claudia Lee
Alina McGillivray
Josie Parent
Leann Bailey
Emily Graves
Destiny Hockman
Vanessa West
Alyssa Earls
Anastasia Henry
Arianna Case
Faith Didier
Julia Giron
Madeline Quinn
Madison  Woods
Marissa Strack
Maya Hefty
Molly Barile
Rebekah Staples
Samantha Rockwell
Maggie Gaughn
Shaylynn Beaty
Sophia Dickerson
Caleigh Stier
Sydney Ruppert
Sloan Amburgery
Faith Stumph