Gold Award

The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouts and therefore is a commitment you make and complete as an individual. Below you will find a list of girls in our council who have made the commitment and earned their Gold Award.


Emily Bash--The Morton House Museum received a large donation of books, so Emily created a library for these books, both to physically preserve them and to allow visitors a better understanding of local history.
Anna Berghoff—Anna worked with younger kids to write books, then had the younger kids go with her and read them to kids in the hospital.  Anna's also working to match up high school students with elementary students to keep this program going.
Vanessa Berghoff--Wanting younger kids to develop exercise habits, Vanessa created running clubs for kids in grades 3-5 at several elementary schools.
Rachel Cook--Rachel coordinated and conducted a color guard day camp because she wanted to help kids become more active through non-traditional sports.
Janelle Gardetto--Janelle built a gazebo at a local church after finding that people on the northwest side of her town needed an outdoor place that promoted serenity and enhanced their time in prayer.
Cheyanne Geideman--Cheyanne created a series of murals at the local library to encourage literacy and use of the library in her town.
Caitlin Jackson—Caitlin held an instrument drive and then taught teens and adults who might otherwise not have had the chance to play instruments by working with The Music Village in South Bend.
Kathryn Laiman--Katie held a cultural diversity event to expose different cultures to the community, which included guest speaker Erin Gruell of the Freedom Writers Foundation.
Caitlin Lee--Caitlin built picnic tables at Hoagland Park and organized the marketing efforts around a cleanup day at the park.
Allison Lumpkin-- Allie organized and oversaw an eco-friendly festival in her town, including an art fair, earth friendly awareness campaign, and a tech and recyclable roundup.
Rachel Makowski-- Bluffton needed a dog park, so Rachel petitioned the city council for an area of land, got it rezoned for a park, and then brought about the funding for a fence, exercise equipment, signage, and landscaping for the new park.
Stephanie May--Stephanie built picnic tables at Hoagland Park and organized a cleanup day.
Hannah Monroe--Hannah created a habitat for monarchs, as their current habitat is being destroyed, and provided a teaching tool for the main Unity Garden in South Bend.
Sarah Mowery—Sarah created a lending library for kids at two preschools so they would have books to take home.
Rachael Sanders-- Rachael created a presentation on how to deal with bullies and presented it to kids throughout her community.
Laura Stroud—Laura worked with A Friend's House, a women's residential facility in Bluffton, providing them with sports equipment they could use outdoors at and around their facility.
Jessica Wozniak--Jessica created an outdoor space for women at the Worthy Women Recovery Center, a re-entry program for women who have been in jail.