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Gold Award

The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouts and therefore is a commitment you make and complete as an individual. Below you will find a list of girls in our council who have made the commitment and earned their Gold Award.

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Megan Beers Megan worked with The Hayvn Youth Center to hold a college fair for students, helping kids to determine their career path and what school could help them with their career interests.
Audry Estill Audry wanted to bring awareness to the Native Habitat Waterway in Bluffton. She labeled trees, developed a website, and established permanent signs to mark trail entrances.
Elizabeth Kolodiej Elizabeth built a handicapped accessible playground for families at Reins of Life in Michigan City, a program that works with disabled children and allows them to ride horses.
Rachel Tuller Rachel was concerned about the lack of music and concerts in the area, so she put together several area school groups and held one large concert. She wanted the area school groups who went to performance competitions to be heard by the community at large.
Courtney Winters Courtney held a hands-on learning event at Paige's Crossing to teach young drivers the dangers of distracted driving. Participants visited several exhibits and then drove go-karts around an enclosed obstacle course.
Leslie Yarde The Izaak Walton League needed picnic tables at their facility.  Leslie and her team built picnic tables, including tables that could be used by people in wheelchairs. She also created an Adopt a Table program so tables would be fixed and/or replaced as they came into disrepair.
Kaitlyn Kanis A local park had a major mosquito problem, making the park difficult for the community to enjoy. Kaitlyn and team built bat houses to help control the mosquito population. She also created bulletins about them for the park bulletin boards.
Kayla Brunner Kayle held a Gluten Free Awareness Day.
Robin Butler Robin created a rosary path for her church.
Nicole Lampe Nicole hosted a literacy initiative in her county. Activities included a book drive for kids in HeadStart and grades K-8, and the creation of a bookmark letting kids know how to get a library card.
Kelly Grant As a future art teacher, Kelly wanted the children staying at Charis House to be able to feel proud of an accomplishment, so she created a craft center at that location.
Caitlin Cherry Caitlin wanted students to be more savvy about caring for the environment, so she worked to enhance programming at the Northwest Allen County Nature Learning Center. She made sit-upons for kids to sit on when they got to the Center, took seasonal photographs for the Center, created learning tools for younger students, and organized observation kits for students to use.

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