Project: Leo United Methodist Preschool Sign and Logo Project

Brief Summary of Project:

My Gold Award Project was based on the importance of early childhood education. To make the community aware of this, surveys were given to teachers and parents in the community of Leo (at the Leo United Methodist Preschool and Cedarville Elementary). Based on the survey results, I wrote an article on this issue that was published in the East Allen Courier newspaper.

The second part of my project was to design and have a permanent sign installed for the Leo United Methodist Preschool. I collaborated with a graphic designer and created a permanent logo that will be used on the sign and brochures, letters, etc. in the future. I made presentations to the church trustees, the preschool board, and the Leo Town Council Zoning Commission. I also worked with a sign company and worked with them to make sure everything was in place in order for the sign to be made and installed.

To help create the funding necessary for the sign, I solicited help from my Girl Scout Troop. One of the fundraisers we did was putting up a booth at the annual preschool carnival. We did face painting, nail painting, and hair wrapping. Another fundraiser was selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, and car clings to parents and children of the preschool and church members. Throughout my project my troop provided moral support and gave me various suggestions to help me think of fundraising ideas and ideas for the logo. My troop leaders provided a lot of encouragement throughout this process, checking with me along the way.

Benefits of the project:

Because of the article that was published in the courier, more community members were made aware of the importance of early childhood education. Children's brains develop the most at an early age, so it is important for them to learn as much as they can when they are young. I was able to convey this and other important variables to people in the community about preschool. Hopefully, my article impacted parents' decisions to send their children to preschool.

The preschool at Leo United Methodist has always wanted to have a permanent sign placed at the front of the church. I wanted to give them this since I love art and since I know they hold a great program for young children in my community.

What did you learn about yourself as a result of this project?

I learned that I am able to do anything if I set my mind to it. I learned that big projects require you to keep pushing through until you have a finished project. I also learned to be persistent and to keep checking back with people to make sure that things are getting done and progress is being made.

What was the most successful aspect of your project?

I think the most successful aspect of my project will be being able to see the sign installed and seeing how many people react to it. I was also proud of being able to raise all the money we needed for the sign.