There are a lot of great, council wide, programs planned for your Girl Scouts! These programs are hosted by council staff, community organizations, and also our very own   GSNI-M volunteers. The events are listed as either council, volunteer, or community sponsored.

If an event is listed as council sponsored you may either register online (you will find a link on the event page itself) or by returning the Girl Leadership Activities Registration form. If you would like more information on how to register please see the registration instructions.

Most community or volunteer sponsored events require you to send your registration somewhere different. Please watch for this designation. Registrations for community or volunteer led events will not be accepted by the council and are not eligible for online registration.

To ensure these events are successful for our girls we are always looking for volunteers – girls and adults – to assist with planning, preparation, supervision, guidance, and more. If you, your girls, or your troop would like to volunteer please contact the GSLE Team Staff Member assigned to the event you want to volunteer for today!

Some program opportunities are available throughout the year. Please visit our Ongoing Opportunities for all of the details.

Other great resources are available to you including items in our volunteer resource rooms, and more. Visit our Available Resources page for more information.

Visit our Event Calendar for all of the up-to-date event information!