Girls say that grade level -not age- is what frequently forms their social groups. Research shows that girls learn best and have the most fun in the right developmental and social group. Girl Scout programming is designed to suit the interests and abilities of girls at the appropriate grade level.

Kindergarten - 1st Grade
We nurture our youngest Girl Scouts in small groups of 5 to 10 in which these kindergartners and first graders embark on adventures in nature, science and the arts. As Daisy Girl Scouts, girls take part in a variety of activities that help them understand the meaning of the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
2nd Grade - 3rd Grade
Brownie Girl Scouts learn about teamwork while exploring their own community. At each meeting, they enjoy age-appropriate activities as well as friendship and lots of fun. They may collect acorns for a craft project, or go caroling in a local community center.  Brownie Girl Scouts also begin to earn awards as individuals as well as group members.
4th Grade - 5th Grade
Junior Girl Scouts learn what "girl power" is all about and taking charge of their own goals. Earning awards becomes a way of learning as well as gaining confidence. There are many awards that inspire girls to learn, and when girls aren't earning individual awards, they may be exploring their communities, nature and cultural attractions with their troops or making contributions through service projects and activities.
6th Grade - 8th Grade

As Cadette Girl Scouts, tweens and teens can connect with their peers, create experiences, swap ideas, share thoughts and immerse themselves in interests that often lead to careers and lifetime occupations. All while blazing their own pathway in an environment that builds self-esteem as well as a growing respect for the needs of others. Girls work on a range of projects together under the guidance of trained adults. And, of course, they continue earning awards, exploring conflict resolution to aerospace, and everything in between!

9th Grade - 10th Grade

As As a Girl Scout Senior, you’ll tackle challenges that require critical thinking skills and independence. Plan enriching activities as a team and start planning your future, too. Think you’re too old to become a Girl Scout? No way! Now is a great time to join.  Seniors earn Journey Awards that teach leadership skills, earn badges in health, cultural literacy and science, and even plan and take trips to other cities, states or countries.  Seniors also learn and practice financial responsibility, become a positive role model for younger girls, and can also connect with Girl Scout Alumnae.

11th Grade - 12th Grade

As a Girl Scout Ambassador, you’ll discover how to be an advocate for the causes you care about.  Connect with like-minded young women and work together to make a difference. Your voice matters. Become a Girl Scout Ambassador and speak out!  Ambassadors will also explore and prepare for post secondary education, take a leadership rold within her community, build a support network, assume civic responsibility, become a positive role model for younger girls, and have an adult mentor.