This is your one-stop shop with the latest guidelines and information on earning the Girl Scout Cookie Activity pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie Professionals!


Before participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, it is super important that girls and adults review the following materials, and print and sign and return to Troop Leaders.
Product Sales Permission Form (pdf)
Product Program Volunteer Agreement (pdf)
Cookie Pick-Up Authorization Form (pdf)
Cookie Booth Agreement Form (word doc)

Cookie Patch Order Form (pdf)


Other Important Cookie Program Ingredients
Cookie Dough Guidelines
2016 Leader Guide (pdf)
Cookie Program Cheat Sheet! (pdf)
Cookie Share Program
Digital Cookie - How to Sell Cookies Online
Cookie Training Dates & Cupboard Locations (excel)
South Bend Cookie Central Hours & Location (pdf)
Sell Girl Scout Cookies Right From Your Computer or Smartphone! (pdf)
Cookie Program Delinquent Form (pdf)
Please Note!  If girls are not registered prior to, they will not be permitted to participate in this year's cookie sale.


The Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin 2015-2016
All girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are eligible to earn the annual Cookie Activity Pin.  The pin recognizes the "5 Skills" learned and practiced during the sale, and a different colored pin can be earned each year.  How fun!  Find out more about the Cookie Activity Pin for Girl Scout Daisies to Ambassadors! (pdf)


When you sell Girl Scout Cookies, you're doing more than just helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun). You're doing it with a goal in mind. Whether that goal is a pizza party, a community project, or your first overnight trip with your troop, you know how many boxes you need to sell to make it happen. 

But did you know that you're also part of a huge business, one that's run by girls just like you all over the country? Even cooler: Being a Girl Scout Cookie Professional gives you skills essential for success both now and later: 

   Goal Setting

    Decision Making

   Money Management 

   People Skills

   Business Ethics