Discover— Information Gathering 
During this phase we will be reviewing data that we collected during the assessment phase and gathering new data from volunteers and girls throughout the council.

  • Review program data, existing property conditions, local and state codes and regulations
  • Engage volunteers, staff and board to determine wants and needs
  • Analyze data and feedback

Connect— Programming
During this phase we will analyze the data that we have gathered and connect it to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.  The outcome of that analysis will inform the decisions about the physical environments at each of the properties

  • What activities do we anticipate supporting
  • What are the physical relationships needed between various program areas
  • What are the space requirements for various program areas and buildings?

Take Action— Planning and Development
During this phase we will take action in the creation of master site plans for each of our outdoor program properties as well as develop the priorities for capital development and the plans for funding.

  • Develop the concepts
  • Provide preliminary and Final Plans
  • Develop plans for fundraising
  • Develop costs and phasing