Welcome to your online resource center! Get the forms you need, find learning events in your area, download tools that will help make your role as a volunteer easier!

Required Learning

Registering for Learning Opportunities
Deadlines, cancelations, refunds
Learning Subsidy
Become a Facilitator


3-Steps for New Volunteers

  1. Complete required learning.
  2. Recruit a co-leader and other adult help.
  3. Meet with a community representative to receive essential Girl Scout items.

After you have completed GS101 and Getting Started and are ready to start your troop meetings, check out these informational quick start guides.  If you have questions, contact your community coordinator, community volunteer support team or GSNI-M staff.

Volunteer Resources + Forms

Journey Jump Start Guides
Verb (Volunteer Essentials Resource Book)
Safety Activity Checkpoints
Service Center Resources



Volunteer Training

PB & J Online Course (Proficiency Badges & Journeys)
Video Tutorials
Do-It-Yourself Learning
Short & Snappy



Volunteer Camp Director Resources

Soni Springs Directors
Approved Volunteer Summer Camp Directors